This project europebanks.info is one of the largest collection of banks in europe along with their contact information. Our aim is to publish every bank in europe, even the bank nearby your house or office.

The information about banks in europe published on our website may not be true or accurate at all times. It is always recommended to check the SWIFT or BIC or IBAN code with your bank. There is always a greater possibility, that the BIC or SWIFT codes of a particular bank may change from time to time, due to result of merging of banks or breakups. The official publication of SWIFT codes can be found at Swift.com for your reference. It is also recommended that you do not calculate IBAN account no by yourself or by any third party tools. You have to ask your bank to allot you IBAN account number. If in doubt ask your bank for clarification.

We did our best efforts to update and locate the URLs or websites of banks in europe. However we have not checked the correctness of every url belonging to a particular bank. Incase you find incorrect URL for a particular bank, please update or post under the corresponding link.

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